Interium Projekt specializes in professional Interior Design. For foreign customers we offer online services


Our services include designing:
– private interiors
– furniture
– public and commercial spaces

Our work encompasses following phases:
1. Consulting the preferences (colours, style, finishing, budget)
2. Preparing a few functional layouts – Improving the layouts until full approvement
3. Preparing a 3D model of the interior – including adjustments and improvements
4. Preparing working drawings and finishes plans of the project:
•  drawings of design details
•  floor plans
•  wall decorations and coverings
•  ceiling plans
•  lighting design and lightning points
•  fireplace mantels
•  stone elements plans
•  plumbing system plan
•  electrical system plan
•  furniture layouts (including built-in wardrobes, kitchen cabinetry and custom made furniture)

Contact us for further details at biuro@interium-projekt.pl